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Not a Kid Type Question, but a Cleaning One

S.C. asks from Grand Rapids

I have a shirt that is special to me. Well, I was cooking dinner, tacos, and the hamburg greese splattered on me... Well, how on earth do I get it out... not to menti...


Cloth Diaper Washing

J.L. asks from Detroit

Hi. I currently use a mix of Happy Heiny pocket diapers and MotherEase fitteds. I am looking for advice on how to wash them without the velcro all getting tangled tog...


Colors Bled on New Shirt, How Do I Get the Stain Out?

J.H. asks from Detroit

Hi! My husband bought a ringer style tee-shirt for our 5 month old, and after washing it in Dreft prior to wear it, the dark green of the ringer bled all over the wh...


Anyone Want to Share Their Best Penny Pinching Tips?

A.C. asks from Detroit

Is anyone interested in sharing their best penny-pinching, why-didn't-I-think-of-that-myself tips? Here's mine, though I'm sure II'll add more later. When you open...


Help with Fear of Public Restrooms

T.F. asks from Kalamazoo

Hello moms, I have learned many valueable things from all of the questions I have read, but this is my first to ask. My daughter (who will be 3 in September) is doin...


What to Do with Stained Baby Clothes

C.C. asks from Detroit

My SIL recently had a girl so I went through all my daugther's baby clothes to give as hand me downs. About 1/3 have stains of some sort that I couldn't get out or di...


New to Cloth Diapers and Need Some Help Please

K.J. asks from Nashville

I have recently started using cloth diapers on my 16 month old. We have been going back and forth between cloth and disposables for almost 2 months now. I have two ...


Down Comforters

C.K. asks from Knoxville

Hello Mommas, I am looking for a new down comforter. The one we have has filling that is not being evenly distributed (it is fluffy in some places and flat with no ...


Dry Erase Marker on the Wall

L.P. asks from Detroit

Does anyone know how to remove dry erase marker from the wall?! My four year old colored our kitchen wall with black dry erase marker!! We tried magic eraser and cl...


Laundry Stains

K.H. asks from Detroit

I am the worst with laundry stains. It seems no matter what I do, I can never get anything out. Currently I have washed a load of laundry (oh yeah and dried) it wit...