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Dry Skin

J.M. asks from Atlanta

Okay Ladies, Im orginially from California and have been in Georiga for two years now. My skin right now is so DRY. My hands are cracking and bleeding. I was just wo...


Dry Skin

G.R. asks from Dallas

Iam looking for some products for very very dry skin Any of you know a good body lotion and soap free soap for dry skin? thank you!!!!!!! G.*****


Suggestions for Dry Skin

T.S. asks from Philadelphia

I have really bad dry winter skin... my hands are always dry and what's worse is my face is very dry and flaky. I put lotion on it all the time but I have that dry fl...


Dry Cracked Hands/knucles

T.P. asks from Rockford

I have tried just about all I know to get my hands/knuckles to stop cracking. My pinky knuckles and my index fingers are the worst. I put lotion on all day, try to ma...


Sick of My Skin!

A.M. asks from Peoria

Anyone has any ideas or products that work well for acne? I had a lot of skin trouble after my first child and ended up having to spend a fortune to see a dermatolog...


Skin irritation/Rash

P.E. asks from Tampa

My 22 month old son has a rash that is on the fold of his leg where his diaper attaches and it is spreading up on his stomach. It is also on his bottom and on the bac...


Toddler's Dry Skin After Swimming

P.C. asks from Portland

My son (3) complains of dry skin after we go swimming (once every two weeks) in a local community pool. Does anyone recommend a particular lotion or creme that I c...



V.B. asks from New York

I'm looking for the best skin moisturizer body lotion for dry skin. Do you know of any? Thanks!


Very Dry Skin on My Hands

A.S. asks from Dallas

Hi! It seems that since I wash my hands 1,000 times a day they are VERY dry. I use to have great success with Sally Hansen 18 hour hand lotion but that is not help...


Skin Care Tween

T.B. asks from New York

I have an 11 yr old daughter with clear skin (so far, thank goodness LOL!) However with puberty right around the corner, I'm wondering what skin care products/brand...