Dry Hair or Scalp

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Any Recommendation to Solve an Itchy Scalp?

D.N. asks from Chicago

I have an appointment with a dermatologist at the end of March. I know my scalp gets itchy from stress and dry air but the past few months have gotten so much worse....


17 Month Old with Dry Scalp

J.M. asks from Rapid City

My 17 month old has a dry scalp and I am not sure what I can do about it. My oldest child had cradlecap but he was much younger. I am not sure if it is cradlecap at...


Dry Flaky Scalp

A.R. asks from Macon

I am in desperate need of assistance. My daughter just turned one this month and she has very pretty short curly hair. The problem is her scalp is causing us distress...


What Can I Do for My Daughters Very Dry Scalp

M.S. asks from Chicago

My 8 year old daughter has horrible dandruff. Her scalp is just peeling away on the top of her head, not just flakes, but thick pieces of dry skin. What causes this...


Baby Has Dry Scalp

C.G. asks from Los Angeles

Our 2 1/2 month old has dry scalp in a couple of places on top of his head (not cradle cap according to doctor). Our doctor recommended using baby oil, leaving it on...


Extremely Dry Scalp

R.R. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi mommas, My 13 month old has an extremely dry scalp, it's not cradle cap, its more like, well, dandruff, white and flaky everywhere. I have tried everything; lot...


Scalp Care

M.S. asks from Kansas City

Hello Mamas! Ok, so my son is of mixed race (Mexican-African-America). His hair is fine and curly. Things have been easy with his hair, and he does great with allo...


Baby with Dry Scalp

J.C. asks from Sacramento

My baby is almost 17 months and all of a sudden has a really dry scalp that won't go away. It seems to be just on the top of her head. Any suggestions? Her Dr suggest...


Advise on Dry Face and Scalp

A.C. asks from Boston

Hello, My 11 week old has dryness in his face and scalp. Fyi, He was born with a full head of hair. The rest of his body is just fine. We have been bathing every...


Eczema on Your Scalp?

T.B. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I have a history of eczema. I'm 8 months pregnant and have it very badly on my scalp. It's terribly itchy, and I know my hair is starting to thin also. C...