Drooling: Resinol

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Rash from Drool?

E.W. asks from Dallas

My sweet 5 1/2 month old son has a horrible rash under his chin and upper chest from drooling. I have tried keeping a bib on him, changing his clothes, putting vasoli...


Help for a Chapped Little Face

K.D. asks from Dallas

My little man is drooling pretty hard and his chin is red and chapped. Anyone know what cream/ointment works best on this?? it looks really painful!


Baby Face Rash Solution...

E.W. asks from Dallas

My 5 month old daughter has developed a rash around her mouth. It has been there since we lightly started her on solids a month ago. It doesn't seem to bother her but...


14 Month Old Chin Rash

N.H. asks from Dayton

My 14 month old son has had a bad rash on his chin for quite a while now. i said something to the dr and she called a drooling rash, but didnt give me anything for ju...


Unscented Diapers

J.M. asks from Salinas

My 9 month old daughter has a rash in her diaper area that I cannot seem to clear up. I've tried Desitin, Butt Paste, A&D, Resinol, you name it. She went to the docto...


Constant Rash??

J.J. asks from Dallas

Hi mommies! I just wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue. My 2 year old son keeps getting this rash around his mouth and chin that just doesn't seem to wa...


How to Clear Rash Around Mouth?

A.B. asks from Dallas

Do you have any tips for clearing a rash around a baby's mouth? My son has had it for about 3 weeks. He had it before when he was younger, but it wasn't a problem f...


Binky Rash

N.H. asks from Los Angeles

So I have tried Aquafor, Vaseline, Hydrocortizone Cream, and have had a rx for Mimyx. Nothing has worked to take away my son's binky rash (even two visits to the doc)...


BAD Rash Help

A.L. asks from Salt Lake City

My 10 month old baby has been pooping every diaper. Her poop seems caustic or acidic or something, because even if I change her right after she poops, her but is BRI...


Diaper Rash Cream Comparison

L.W. asks from Cincinnati

Hi Moms I am writing to you in hopes of finding the best diaper cream. Right now I have 4 in front of me. My baby doesnt get them(meaning diaper rashes) very often ...