Drooling: Older Child

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7 Year Old Drooling

C.W. asks from Washington DC

Every year, as soon as the weather gets cold, my son has trouble controlling his spit and his chin gets really chapped. When he was 4, it was very noticeable and his...


Drooling in His Sleep

T.S. asks from Houston

My 9 year old son has recently started drooling in his sleep. Not just a little - I mean a lot! Soaking a huge area of the sheets and his pillow. I tried letting it a...


Braces for 8 Year Old?

K.E. asks from Denver

Any of you mommas have young kiddos in braces? I'm wondering cause they want to start my 7 year old with a palatial expander and braces within the next 6 months. Wh...


10 Year Old Still Drooling

M.H. asks from Utica

My 10 year old still drools. It is not as bad as a toddler, but I have to repeatedly have to remind him to wipe his mouth off due this. During dinners, I have to t...


P.Son Scratched Himself on Face in Drool Spot. Not Healing Well. Bright Red.

J.R. asks from Miami

Dear Mommas, My 3 YO son scratched himself 4 days ago on his face. he drools a great deal, so the area is still bright red and not able to heal properly I think. I p...


My Relationship with My 9-Year Old Daughter Is Not Good...

C.G. asks from San Francisco

I have 3 daughters, ages 9, 3 and 20 mths. I love them all very much. However, my relationship with my 9-year old is very blah. Or at least I think so. Anyway, sh...


6 Year Old Who Snores

H.K. asks from Dallas

My 6 year old daughter has snored for as long as I can remember. I took her to her Ear, Nose and Throat doctor and he recommended surgery to have her tonsils and ade...


Gifts for 9 Year Old Boy?

N.R. asks from Chicago

I got such great ideas for my question about gifts for a 7 year old girl, I just have to ask for my nephew as well! He will be 9 soon and is super smart. Loves all ki...


6 Year Old Not Showing What He Knows in School

L.R. asks from Boston

Hi All, I'm a little frustrated. My son turned 6 about half way through the Kindergarten year. The first part of the year, I received all these notices that my ...


Red Face

T.M. asks from Houston

My son is 6 months old and has started teething and with that...massive amounts of drool. When we put him down to sleep, he turns over on his stomach, and therefore.....