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Only Children and Solo Play

D.P. asks from Pittsburgh

I have a soon-to-be 7 year old son (our "only"). This question is specifically for mothers of only children. I find that my son does not seem to want to play alone w...


Play Kitchen for a Boy???

J.B. asks from Green Bay

My daycare provider told me that my 17 mo old son loves to play with her kitchen set. He loves to open and put stuff in the drawers and cabinets and play with the po...


Constant Play Dates? Frequency?

S.H. asks from Honolulu

Just a question to see what others think/do. Regarding the frequency of play dates, that your kids have and others. So, I have plentiful play dates for my kids fo...


Play Kitchen for Boys?

A.M. asks from Peoria

I am really having a hard time coming up with Christmas gift ideas for my two boys, ages 4 and 1, this year. We do not need anymore blocks, trains, and trucks!!! I ...


My Daughter Wants to Play with Boys?

V.G. asks from Detroit

hi,my daughter is 5 years old.she wants to play with boys.she doesn't have a girl friend yet and she says that she does not like the way that the girls play.the prob...


My 3 Year Old Son Loves to Dress like a princess.......what Should I Do?

K.L. asks from Santa Barbara

For about 4 months my 3 year old son has been very attracted to the Disney princessess and any other princess-like characters. When he has the opportunity he likes t...


Encouraging Free Play and Preschoolers

A.F. asks from New York

My daughter is three years old and I will be home with her for the summer. She has been in daycare since September and it ends today. My question is, how do I encoura...


Child Left in Drenched Wet Dress All Morning @ Private preK School.

B.C. asks from Tampa

Hello, second day at school ( ever) for my 4.5 yrs old daughter. Half a day, picked up @ 11:30am. Hugged my daughter hello and felt drenched entire back of the dress....


Pretend Play Suggestions

E.B. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Mamas! My son is turning 2 next week. I’ve noticed very recently that he’s starting to engage in some “pretend play.” Most notably he likes to “feed...


What They Want or What You Know They'll Play With?

B.C. asks from Dallas

Do you tend to get your kids what they ask for or do you get them what you KNOW they'll use/play with? My DD is turning 5 in a couple of weeks and is obsessed with ou...