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Doctor Saying Was Treated at Appointment for Something Wasn't Treated For

S.C. asks from Houston

I am trying to figure this out... I started new insurance in Jan. They have a look back of 8 months, if you didn't have insurance. My insurance ran out at the begi...


Gyn Recommendations

D.C. asks from Austin

Hey Moms, My yearly exam is due soon and I would like to find another doctor. I do not feel the one I am going to presently is the right one for me. I live off o...


Help Getting Through My Son's First Dentist Appointment

J.G. asks from Detroit

I'm taking my son tomorrow for his first dentist appointment and I'm so nervous. When I called to schedule his appointment the lady on the phone explained to me that ...


How Long Would You Wait at a Physical Therapy Appointment

D.D. asks from Denver

I have been going to PT for the last 6 weeks. The original guy I had to wait 30 min to be taken back, then he kept walking in and out of the room every 10 to 15 minut...


Need a OB GYN in North Plano

H.J. asks from Dallas

Hello Ladies! I am looking for a OB GYN (male or female is ok) who helped you a lot when you had question or problem about breastfeeding. I have recurrent problem and...


Looking for Good OB GYN in South Orlando

S.L. asks from Orlando

I have a wonderful OB GYN, but he is now too far from me and with gas prices being so high I need to find one closer to me (which is very difficult). I would like to...


Seeking OB GYN Affiliated with Stanford Hospital

C.N. asks from San Francisco

Our Medical insurance has changed so I need to find an OB GYN who is affiliated with Stanford Hospital. I want someone who is a great overall Doctor with experience i...


Looking for Female OB-GYN in Greenville

S.N. asks from Spartanburg

Hi: This is the first time I have used this site. I am looking for a good OB GYN for my friends 16 year old daughter who has ovarian cysts. She is very overweight a...


When Should I Get My Daughters 1St GYN Appt

J.C. asks from Bloomington

My 12 yr old started her period last July, and I am wondering when I should schedule her first GYN exam? Her ped doesnt think it is necessary until she has problems o...


Need OB GYN near Langhorne/Newtown Area.

G.L. asks from Philadelphia

I moved to the area a year ago and never really "looked" for doctors in the area. Now I really need an OB GYN (took pregnancy test that showed positive). I'm lookin...