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Another Ear Infection: 3Rd Set of Tubes or Steroids???

A.G. asks from Salinas

Its eartube decision time - again. My son has another ear infection (I think) just three weeks after his last one. He is 2.75 and has been suffering from frequent ...


Schedule a Doctors Appointment?

A.M. asks from Des Moines

My 10 month old recently got over an ear infection. As soon as he was over the infection he got croup (there was an incidence of it at daycare). I read up on it, and ...


Should I Take Him to the Doctor?

A.N. asks from Anchorage

Hi Everyone. My 5 year old is sick with a nasty cough and fever. Believe it or not this is his first time being sick with a cough.He has had colds and sinus problems ...


Can You Tell a Doctor No?

C.B. asks from Seattle

As my children are fairly heatlhy they don't go to the doctor very often. However, I had to take my 14 year old son in for a sports physical yesterday so that he can ...


What Type of Doctor Should My Husband See for This?

M.C. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms, My hubby has been seeing an internist for about 5 years. For about the past six months, my hubby has had this awful cough with phlegm in his lungs. The ...


Do I Go to the Doctor or Wait It Out?

S.M. asks from Dallas

This is day 3 of my throat hurting really bad. That's not even a clear description. It only hurts on one side and it is the top of my throat, back of my tongue and th...


Asthma Doctor in Cedar Park Area? Treatment for Asthma???

R.M. asks from Austin

My son is struggling with asthma today....I need to get him some help...but don't want to take him to his regular doctor again...he will just get anebulizer treatment...


Treatment for Asthma

S.K. asks from Chicago

Hi, Is there any treatment for asthma? Homeopathy or some other medicine, other than inhalers and steroids? I have a 3 yr old who suffers from Asthma Thanks,


Enlarged Adenoids and Steroid Therapy

A.B. asks from Spartanburg

My 13mo daughter has had a "snot problem" for 4 1/2 months. Constant, thick, discolored snot runs from her nose. We have been on 2 rounds of antibiotics, claritin, zy...


Uterine Fibroids

B.L. asks from Detroit

At my last gyn exam, my doctor told me that I had fibroids. He said my uterus was about the size of a 6 week pregnancy. This did explain the back and hip pain I had...