Dr. Visits: Preschooler

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My 3 Year Old Son's Father Is Requesting a Speech Therapist!

A.C. asks from Wilmington

I have a 3 year old son who's father is making claims that he believes he has a speech problem, and has already today made an appointment with a therapist. He claims ...


*3 Year Old with Rash Around Her EYES*

R.D. asks from Richmond

okay i dont if i've addressed this before, but my 3 year old is DEFINATELY my rashy kid! its always something! she went to the pediatrician 3 weeks ago for a check up...


Migraines in a 4 Year Old

C.M. asks from Phoenix

I think my son my be suffering from migraines, which scares me since I have never experienced them. I didn't think that a child so young could develop migraines, but ...


I Really Need Some Help with a "Challenging" 3 Year Old Girl

C.S. asks from Clarksville

I have 3 children, ages 5, 3 and 18 months, but the 3 year old is setting off alarm bells in my head. I am beginning to wonder if she has some kind of disorder or di...


Help Getting Through My Son's First Dentist Appointment

J.G. asks from Detroit

I'm taking my son tomorrow for his first dentist appointment and I'm so nervous. When I called to schedule his appointment the lady on the phone explained to me that ...


4 Year Old Is Stuttering

T.T. asks from Chicago

Hi Everyone- Can you please offer some advice if you have dealt with stuttering. I am worried that it is not getting better. My son did not stutter until about a y...


Heart Murmer in a 4 Year Old

S.K. asks from Denver

I just got my sons 4 year check up and the doctor said that he still has a heart murmer (it was first heard at his 3 year check up) she said it was a tad louder and w...


My 4 Year Old Has Some Learning Delays

G.T. asks from Boston

I am in the process of getting early intervention for my 4 year old for speech. She doesn't enunciate well and you can't always understand what she says. I'm also c...


Concerned About My 3 Year Old Daughter.

A.S. asks from Danville

In order to understand my ? i will have to tell my story so please be patient and read this...any help at all will be greatly appreciated While pregant with my daugh...


My 3 Year Old Son Has 4 Cavities!!!

D.C. asks from San Francisco

So I brought my child to get his teeth checked and it turns out that he has 4 cavities. I was in shock since he just had his teeth looked at by our family dentist bac...