Dr. Visits: Preschooler

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My 4 Year Old Doesn't Want to Live with Me :(

A.B. asks from Jacksonville

Background: My DD is 4. Im a single mom. My ex and I are really relaxed on visitation. Our DD pretty much decides with whom she wants to go and when. We only live ...


My 3 Year Old Needs Glasses

V.B. asks from Houston

Hi Mamas, I took my 3 year old to the eye doctor today because he was showing signs of not being able to see (squinting A LOT, standing RIGHT in front of the TV, a...


Concerned About 4 Year Old Dd's Behavior - Updated

E.C. asks from Boca Raton

I'm worried about my just-turned-4 daughter's behavior. She is our younger child and was a very easy going baby but developed a very strong sense of self and a very ...


Natural Way to Help ADHD for 4 Year Old

M.C. asks from Las Vegas

My son is 4 years old and was just recently diagnosed with ADHD. My husband and I tried medication for 2 1/2 weeks because he was having a hard time at school and at ...


4-Year-old Son Constantly Getting Sick

Y.A. asks from San Francisco

My 4-year-old has been getting sick about every three to four weeks. He gets a fever (I haven't taken his temperature, but he feels pretty warm). He complains of stom...


What Is Your 3 Year Old Doing?

M.B. asks from Florence

My son will be 3 in May. It seems like all the other boys his age are more advanced in some areas then he is. It seems like he is a little more babyish than others. I...


4 Year Old Complains of Leg Pain at Night. Is He Faking?

R.A. asks from Seattle

About 3-4 nights a week, my 4 year old will wake up in the middle of the night and complain of leg pain, ankle pain or toe pain. Sometimes it is only once, but most o...


My 3 Year Old Daughter Suffers from Extreme Eczema.

K.T. asks from Austin

She's had eczema since 3 months. We've tried everything any doctor instructs. Nothing has helped. I'm currently working with a chemist who is trying to formulate a pr...


My 3 Year Old Has Had a Cough for 9 Months!

T.C. asks from San Francisco

My 3 year old daughter has had a cough for 9 months! Sometimes it gets worse depending if she is congested. She had a deep cough for a couple of months and then it we...


When Do I Tell 4 y.o. That She Will Have Shots on Monday?

J.F. asks from Bloomington

We go next Monday and she doesn't know about the dr. visit. We just had her sister's 18 month check-up with shots and she made it clear she didn't want anything to d...