Dr. Visits: Preschooler

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Preparing 4 Year Old for Surgery

B.O. asks from Grand Rapids

My 4 year old daughter will have her tonsils and adnoids out three weeks after starting preschool. We have talked to her a little about the surgery but am wondering ...


How to Explain OT Eval to 4 Year Old

N.Z. asks from Los Angeles

My 4 year old's pediatrician gave a referral to have my daughter's fine motor skills evaluated by an OT. She has low muscle tone and has a history of getting PT for ...


4 Year Old ADHD???

K.M. asks from Chicago

Ok, let me just start out by saying emotions are raw right now and research has not been done. We just got back from my 4yr old's new doctor for his 4yr check up. ...


4 Year Old Cut Her Own Hair

A.R. asks from Knoxville

I woke up this morning to my daughters once all one length blonde hair that has taken over 4 years to grow in chopped off in a big chunk on her bangs. I am really ups...


Stubborn 4-Year-old Boy

D.A. asks from Chicago

ARRRG! I am at my wits end! I have tried everything prior to dentist and doctor visits. Now my 4-year-old son is doing the same thing in school and his tumbling cl...


Concerned Parent of My 4 Year Old Sons Behavior and Preschool

K.V. asks from Miami

I am a concerned parent for my 4 year old son (only child). He has been attending day care since he was 9 months old. For the past year I have been very busy going to...


Help- My 3 Year Old Is Out of Control! Seriousley!!

N.A. asks from Spokane

My son just turned 3 years old and has been diagnosed with a deveolpmental delay. I am having a heck of a time with him. He is a very loving and caring little boy u...


First Dentist Appointment

C.C. asks from Dayton

My daughter is 16 months old and has 5 teeth. I was wondering when should I take her in for her first dentist appointment? I have heard so many different things that ...


Daughter's First Dental Appointment

J.K. asks from Los Angeles

At my daughter's 2 year well baby visit with her doctor, it was suggested that my daughter see a dentist (not because she had obvious dental problems, but because it'...


4 Year Old Gets Words Backwards, Hyper/fidgety, Has a Hard Time Paying Attention

M.P. asks from Las Vegas

My 4 year old daughter is extremely hyper and fidgety and does not follow directions because she gets side tracked easily. She also gets words mixed up like saying in...