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5 Month Old Spotty Rash

H.C. asks from Sacramento

Hi Mommys! Okay- so I have a strange issue- my son is polka-dotted!!! He has developed (and it comes and goes) red dots over his entire body. I've called the docto...


Feeding Issues with My One Year old.....any Suggestions?

C.H. asks from Colorado Springs

I have 12 month old baby girl who will not eat finger foods such as cheerios, small pieces of cheese, cut up fruit or veggies or any of the Gerber baby cookies and pu...



W.C. asks from Denver

Thanks for the responses. I thought burping after a bottle was normal for a nine month old! However, yesterday while I was at the doctors office for their 9 mos well ...


Lumps in Toddler's Neck & Neck Rash

J.C. asks from Boston

Hi Mamas! About two weeks ago I noticed a lump on the back of my son's neck - on the left side on what I guess is the tendon? It's about 1/2" and does seem to move w...


Low Iron Level in My 17 Month Old Daughter.

A.B. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi all. I just had my WIC appointment this morning and I was told that my daughters iron was low. It was at 8.9 and they want it around 11. I was told to call the doc...


Getting Baby to Eat Solids

M.S. asks from Evansville

I have a four month old baby girl that has been only breastfeeding up until now. At her last doctor appointment the doctor said that she wanted me to start her on cer...


Daughter Doesn't Weigh Enough

M.P. asks from Pocatello

My DD is 9 months old. I recently took her in for her 9 month check-up and she has only gained about 1 pound since her 6 month appointment. She has always been smal...


Slow Weight Gain in 9 Month Old

L.T. asks from Portland

Hi Moms, My 9 month old son has always been small-10th % in weight but average in height and head size. He just had his 9 month appointment and has fallen off the ch...


9 Month Old Not Growing

K.W. asks from Los Angeles

I took my seemingly happy and healthy 9 month old to his well baby check up yesterday and discovered he hasn't grown since his 6 month check up. I was shocked becaus...


The Most Pickiest Eater (Cannot Be Bribed, Super Picky Eater!)

M.S. asks from Macon

My four year old girl has been thist way since 11 months old! the doctor assures me she will go to college healthy and eating "normally" (although nowadays with so mu...