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Best Skin Product for Toddler with Sensitive Skin?

A.H. asks from Dallas

My daughter already has to use aveeno products but BRU (babies r us) is discontinueing some of the product wonder what else other parents used?


2 Year Old Suffering from Eczema What Works for Treatment

S.N. asks from Chicago

my 2 year old has suffered from eczema since he was a baby and I am just wondering what others moms have tried that provides relief.If there is a specific suncreen to...


Rashes and Sensitive Baby Skin

C.K. asks from Birmingham

My 3 month old son has a red rash on his cheeks that he has had since about 1 month old and it comes and goes from day to day. It has only been on his cheeks until ab...


Bad Eczema

E.T. asks from Los Angeles

My 5 mos. old daughter has a really bad eczema. It's all started to show on her ears and cheeks last month. And, now I found these dry spots all over her thighs and b...


Mouth Area Break Out

V.L. asks from Washington DC

Hello, I have actually posted my concerns about this already but I figured I'd try again as I still have not found a cure. My daughter has been randomly breaking ...


Postpartum Changes

L.G. asks from Albany

I am 20 weeks postpartum and upon giving birth my body has gone through a lot of changes such as hair loss, skin changes, mood swings. My skin became very dry, more s...


Diaper Rash

K.T. asks from New York

My 2 year old daughter has developed a horrible diaper rash and is extremely uncomfortable. It is painful to look at so I could only imagine how she feels. She has ...


My Son Needs to Be Seen by a Dr. for His Dry Chapped skin...but...?

K.I. asks from Los Angeles

Hi All, But what kind of Dr.? Do I take him to his regular Dr. and ask for a referral? It takes MONTHS to get an appt. w/his regular Dr. and I do not want to wait ...


Cradle Cap in a 17 Mon Old Girl?

A.M. asks from Washington DC

My daughter has what looks like cradle cap (she has basically had it since she was 6 m/o and it hasn't really gone away, just short periods it seems to get better). ...


8 Month Old Sleeping and Eating Habits

H.W. asks from Des Moines

I have an 8 1/2 month old little boy.....over the past few weeks he has been more difficult when eating; he throws his hands around and, often, whacks the spoon with ...