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Diaper Rash

C.D. asks from Dallas

Hi moms my son has a serious reaction to omnicef he gets really bad diahrea, then he gets extreme diaper rash. We try everything, and it burns get so red. We went t...


Adoption Party

G.P. asks from Austin

Hi, my husband and I are in the process of adopting a sweet baby girl. She will be officially ours at the end of the summer, so she will be about 8 months old. We ha...


Food Allergy

S.C. asks from New York

I wasn't specific in my other question what I meant was could she be allergic to Tue alimentum formula is this why her butt could be so raw and diarrhea and why the b...


Best Diaper Rash Cream and Baby Wipes?

B.B. asks from Dallas

My 17 mo. old developed a diaper rash yesterday. He rarely gets a rash, but when he does, they're bad. He usually onlt gets a rash if he has diarrhea, which he does...


Diaper rash-HELP!

T. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies! My two year old recently started taking allergy medicine and every time he wakes up in the morning he has BM and his tushy is very irritated, some parts...


Diaper Rash Help Needed Please....

S.B. asks from Dallas

My poor little baby boy who is 16 months has a diaper rash. He's been sick with sinusitis and been having above the average of bm diapers. I've been putting desitin...


Has Anyone Taken the Diet Drig Adipex?

D.R. asks from Atlanta

I was recently prescribed Adipex for weight loss and wanted to know if anyone else has used this medication and if it helped? Ive read that people have lost up to 30-...


Baby Has Yeast Infection

M.D. asks from Dallas

My 9 month-old has what I thought was a diaper rash, but at her 9 month check-up, her pediatrician said it is a yeast infection and prescribed Nystatin to clear it up...


Need Help with Diaper Rash

A.D. asks from Beaumont

My 3 1/2 month old has a first diaper rash but its not healing very quickly and started bleeding a little bit this morning when her daddy changed her diaper. What ca...


Help with Diaper Rash

J.D. asks from Fayetteville

i have two boys in diapers. they both react badly when i put diaper ointment on them. is it possible that it could be hurting them? i have tried several different bra...