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College Education and Tuition as Next 'Housing Bubble?'

R.D. asks from San Diego

I wanted to share this from Mark Cuban (millionaire and owner of Dallas mavericks). I thought it was very interesting and something I hadn't thought about before. Is a...


Road Trip to Arizona/ College Visit

J.W. asks from Dallas

My 16 year old daughter thinks she wants to go to Arizona State University. Still trying to steer her to one of the in state schools, but this is and has been her pre...


Phoenix and Tucson AZ Area Moms.... College Question

T.F. asks from Dallas

So daughter is accepted to both ASU and UofA. We are heading out the weekend of April 26 so she can visit UofA before signing day on May 1. She has already toured ...


Highschool Boy Graduation Gift

B.M. asks from Dallas

Any ideas for high school graduation gift for a boy? I know there's always the gift card or cash, but I'd like something more useful. He's going to college. Somethi...


Gifts for 17 Yr Old Girl

S.F. asks from Madison

I'm looking for ideas on what a 17 year old girl might like for Christmas. She will be going off to college next fall, so I thought maybe something to take to her dor...


Gifts for Graduating Students

E.K. asks from Dallas

It's been a long time since I graduated from high school and I needed to get some advice on what to purchase for my babysitter and niece. I would think something for ...


What to Get a Niece Just Entering College

C.L. asks from Minneapolis

I will be having lunch with my niece this week. She will be a freshman this year, and I have no idea what they need. She will be living on campus. Her mom has absol...


Room Mate

S.R. asks from Houston

I have a child in college for the first year and she got a new room mate and dorm this semister, this new room mate, has told my daughter that she tried to commet suic...


Need Ideas for Low Budget Holiday Gifts for Teens/ Family

K.J. asks from Tampa

My son is in College, living in a dorm out of state and my daughter is still at home but taking college classes under dual enrollment. I am living on Social Security ...


When Does the Parenting Get Easier?

C.R. asks from Los Angeles

My 20 year old son wants us to take his girlfriend with us when we take him to college. We enjoy her company, that is not the issue. The issue is that he only wants he...