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College Drop Off/family Vacation

J.B. asks from Boston

For those who have done the college send off, I'd love your thoughts on combining that with a family vacation. My SD is going to school in Montreal and her move in wi...


Can You Recommend a Good Community College in Texas?

T.K. asks from Dallas

My daughter wants to go to Texas Tech, but she isn't ready for a big university yet. We also can not afford a big university all 4 years! We are looking for a nurtu...


Towels, Sheets, etc.....what Else Does a Student Need at College??

P.M. asks from Wilmington

In addition to the obvious (bedding, towels, micro, refrig, etc.) what are some ideas of items that your child might not necessarily need if they are living away at c...


Oldest Son Going off to College - What to Say - Bring?

W.W. asks from Washington DC

It's that time. My oldest son is off to college this weekend. I've been all over the place emotionally with this. Happy, proud, sad, you know the pendulum. We have...


Help Me Make a College Shopping List!

J.C. asks from Rockford

Well, my son has decided on a college, so now we have to get prepared. I'm getting kind of overwhelmed trying to think of all the things he is going to need when he l...


Good Ideas for Packages Sent to Kids in College

❤.M. asks from Los Angeles

I have some ideas but would love to hear what you all have to say. What are some great things to put in a care package for college students? What do remember recei...


My Son's Girlfriend Wants to Follow Him to College

M.G. asks from Gainesville

My son is going to an out of state college and his girlfriend wants to follow him.. It is a bad idea as she doesn't have any money and it would be a big burden when h...


Teenage Son Wants to Visit Girlfriend at Her College

B.C. asks from New York

My 18-year-old son wants to take bus from CT to IN to visit his girlfriend for a few days during his college break. My family and I want to see him here in CT for a ...


College Study Abroad Programs That Don't Cost a Fortune?

R.M. asks from San Francisco

I was just checking into the jr. college study abroad program, which costs approx. $9K, but that does not include food, flight, community college fees, $1K in other f...


Advise in Setting a Budget for College Student

K.W. asks from Springfield

Have a grandson who is off to College this month. Been a lot of years since we sent a child off to college and am wonder how to set up a budget for him. Wondering ...