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Daughter Going off to College

K.E. asks from Dallas

I have a daughter going off to college in three weeks. The school that she will be attending is about five hours away. So, I have two questions. 1. I would like...


Help with College Major for My Son

J.C. asks from Rockford

My son is a senior this year and has narrowed down his interests for college study and has visited some schools. I'm looking for some ideas from others too. I love ...


College Savings 101

M.M. asks from Chicago

As my girls get older, I can't help but worry about college expenses for 2 girls. What are your plans for college financing? How many kids do you have? Are you put...


When Did You Start Saving for Your Child's College?

*.*. asks from New London

The avg loan for a child when s/he gets out of college is OVER 20,000 dollars. Are you saving for your child(ren) OR worrying about college( money) when the ti...


College Trunk Party?

J.T. asks from Chicago

Hello - I have been invited to a few College Trunk parties that are given (usually by the Mom) to a HS graduate who is going away to college to help with expenses. ...


Question About College Costs!

O.L. asks from Los Angeles

Good morning! For those of you who have children in college, how much do you pay per year for school? I'm wanting to get a sense of the overall costs. I do recognize ...


Kid Heading off to College Question

M.T. asks from New York

Hi moms and dads. My oldest will be graduating from high school this June. For those of you who have sent a kid off to college, what items that were not on the typi...


Seeking Advice on "College Flooring" (Rubber Puzzle Pieces or Carpet?)

B.C. asks from Dallas

My daughter is preparing to go to college this fall. Instead of an area rug for her dorm room, she is considering the "rubber puzzle piece" flooring to put on the flo...


What to Do for Kid Going off to College

T.K. asks from Dallas

My beloved step son is moving 4 hours away to college next week. What kind of send off should we give him? We usually celebrate family events with a meal and presnt...


Paying for Child's College Tuition?

M.H. asks from Raleigh

Another question on here (about size of family) got me thinking about what the "norm" is for college and children paying these days? I know that every family handles ...