Dorm Life: Toddler

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Gift for College Student in Dorm

M.B. asks from Sacramento

What can I get for my Godchild who is away at college in her first year? What would be good items to put in her carepackage? Thank you mamas for never failing me! :)


College Dorm Life

L.M. asks from New York

My daughter will be heading off to college in the fall. I was wondering what items were a must for child at school, and what items she could live without. Any sugg...


H.S. Graduation Gifts - College Dorm Room Needs

R.T. asks from Houston

If got a question for the moms and dads to ask their college students. I have a high school senior this year and I will be receiving many graduation announcements ...


Off to College?

J.A. asks from New York

Hi ladies, Yesterday I had a discussion with "Sarah" about her oldest daughter going to college. My friend was very exited about the fact that they will let their d...


College Advice

B.F. asks from Dallas

Hey Mamas, I have a senior in high school who will be attending college in the fall in a town about 3 hours south. I need to know from moms who have children in coll...


Laptop for College

S.K. asks from Houston

Suggestions on good laptop for college freshman?


College Advice

M.B. asks from San Antonio

My daghter will be heading north for college in the fall. We are super proud of her and excited to see how this new chapter in her life plays out. With that bei...


College Student Who Hates Her College

K.B. asks from Des Moines

I have a 18yr old who just started college. Its been a rough start to say the least for her. She is attending a very Large college (33,000) and Its considered the num...


Who Pays for College...?

J.B. asks from Houston

Are we as parents obligated/responsible for paying for our kids college? In a perfect world we would all have started a college fund when they were babies and at col...


College and College Applications

T.J. asks from Honolulu

hello everyone, my daughter is in 11th grade. getting lots and lots of brochures from colleges. need some advice on how to weed through all the literature. choosin...