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How to Produce More Breast Milk Help!

M.B. asks from Austin

I have a 3 1/2 month old and I work full time. The last week or so my production has slowed down. I have tried pumping more often but it does not seem to help. Any id...


Trouble Producing Milk

K.L. asks from Tampa

I'm breastfeeding my 4 week old daughter and only produce a few ounces a day. We had to mix formula in her diet early on because she was jaundiced. Now I want to ween...


"Low Milk" Breastfeeding Conserns!!!!!!

Z.K. asks from Santa Fe

My daughter in now a little over four months and my breasts are not giving her enough milk. So I have been taking lactation support herb,mothers milk tea, and milk th...


11 Month Old- Formula or Milk?

D.G. asks from Philadelphia

I have been successfully nursing my son for 11 months. Up until a 10 days ago, I was nursing 3 times a day (when he wakes, mid-afternoon, and bedtime). Within the l...


Not Producing Enough Milk.

S.H. asks from Charlotte

OK, I am hoping one of you have a "magic cure" for this. I have been breastfeeding my four month old son since birth. We have just introduced solids. He gets one b...


Getting Breast Milk Back?

J.W. asks from Seattle

I stopped breast feeding my baby almost a month ago, but now i am regretting it. I still have a tiny bit of milk in 1 breast when I squeeze it. I have heard that it i...


Trouble Producing Milk

L.D. asks from Dallas

I had my daughter 5 weeks early by c-section over two weeks ago and my milk still hasn't come in. My daughter is still in the NICU and I have been trying to pump as m...


I'm Not Producing Enough Milk

J.J. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies... So here is my problem... well my son was finally born on 10/2!!!! :) Unfortunately he wasnt able to latch on so they gave me a sheild to use while feedi...


Pumping Breast Milk

H.P. asks from Chicago

Hello ladies, I am trying to find out if anyone has exclusively pumped breast milk. My daughter is 5 weeks old , and due to severe back pain I pumped from day o...


Not Producing Enough Milk

M.D. asks from Danville

I am breastfeeding my 3 1/2 week old and I have now started to pump. I don't feel I am producing enough milk to pump and feed her. Is there any suggestions on how to ...