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Planning a 2Nd Child

D.R. asks from Philadelphia

Our firstborn just turned 1, and we're starting to talk about #2! Just wanted some feedback from parents with kids 2 years apart and 3 years apart. I know every chil...


Single Child--how Do You Keep Occupied?

A.M. asks from Minneapolis

I'm a very greatful, very happy older mom of one child, a daugher who is 7. My hours are flexible so I'm often home with her. I try to organize playdates (and I'm tr...


When Did Your Child Stop Napping?

A.L. asks from Lansing

I was just curious as to what age everyone's child(ren) stopped taking naps. The little girl I nanny for just turned 20 months old and some days fights her naps. My so...


Only Child ... Sad ... Help

M.G. asks from New York

Hi, I was just hoping that someone out there may be able to give me some advise about an only child. I have a 4 year old daughter that is an only child. She, for the...


Spacing Second Child

M.O. asks from New York

I'm curious about moms who got pregnant 1 year or less after the birth of their first child. I have a wonderful little 6 mo. boy. Due to that darn biological clock, ...


Advise for Potty Training a Hard of Hearing Kid

D.S. asks from Houston

I need advice on potty training a hard of hearing kid. ppcd he is supposed to start in may wont take him unless he is potty trained. he has a hard time following direc...


Does Your Child Have an Imaginary Friend?

B.B. asks from New York

This is just a fun question...does or did your child have an imaginary friend? How old was he/she? What was the friend's name and why do you think he or she existed?...


Do You Call Your Child Names?

C.O. asks from Washington DC

There was a question in a group I am in on Facebook. The question came up - do you call your children names? There are MEN and WOMEN in this spectrum on ...


How Much Does Your Child Know About Sex??

A.S. asks from Los Angeles

I have a 7 and and 8 year old. My 8 year old knows what sex is and that sex makes a baby in pretty great detail because I told him when he started asking questions. M...


Strangers Complimenting One Child

L.M. asks from San Francisco

I have two girls, ages 4 and 7. The older girl is the more sensitive of the two, and takes everything to heart. Sometimes while we're out, a stranger will come up ...