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Got Call from School for Son's Text at Home

R.A. asks from Sacramento

The principal called us today because of my son's text in which he used the f-word and b-word. Of course we were furious and fully ready to punish him. On talking to ...


My Son Is Going to School for the First Time

J.A. asks from New York

Hello everyone, My son is going to school for the first time in September. He seems anxious when I talk to him about it. He never went to a day care, since my husb...


Need Advice for School Problems with a 6Yr Old.

N.A. asks from Cumberland

I was wondering if any moms out there could offer any advice for some issues my son is having in school. I come from a family who wont use medicating a child for beha...


7 Year Old Pooping His Pants at School

S.T. asks from Phoenix

I am a K-1 teacher and one of my students is pooping his pants at school. It happens about once a week. I was not his teacher last year, but I was told he didn't ha...


School Bus Stop Problem/property Damage

M.H. asks from Seattle

Okay, so we just moved into our house this summer and little did we know the school bus stop is right in front of our house... The kids run around the cars in our dri...


AD/HD - Desperate for Help with School Time

L.F. asks from Norfolk

Long story short, my son is going into 1st grade and he's been on Metadate CD, but we took him off of it because we just didn't like his personality while taking it. ...


What to Do When a Good Kid Keeps Acting Out in School

M.M. asks from Tyler

I have three wonderful kids. They are pretty well behaved. However, my oldest is 8 years old and keeps getting in trouble in school. I truly believe it is because he ...


I'm Ready for Battle! and It's Not Even Time Yet (School)

M.D. asks from Washington DC

My kids start school on August 22nd - why do the summer's fly by? I wish they were so much longer and school was so much shorter... Anyways, on the way home last n...


Vacation Bible School Craft Ideas Anyone ?

J.K. asks from Pittsburgh

Hello To All, I am in charge of the pre-school part of vacation bible school for the church we attend. I am very excited about this i love the kids and enjoy workin...


Respiratory Infection and Going Back to School

K.I. asks from Oklahoma City

My 9 y/o is been sick since Friday, (cough and 103 F. fever, she's in antibiotics since then, fever never went down with motrin and tylenol even this morning fever wa...