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8 Year Old Acting Out at School

L.P. asks from Portland

My son has been acting out at school, punching other kids, kicking other kids, even puncturing balls with pencils and so on. He has already had 2 or 3 in school suspe...


School Opens Doors AFTER TARDY Bell Rings

A.C. asks from Detroit

My daughter is in kindergarten, so this is all new to me, but this just doesn't seem right. At my daughter's school, the classroom doors open up onto the blacktop (pl...


Taking Time for Vacation When School Is in Session

J.C. asks from New York

Hello, My daughter is going to Kindergarten next year. We are thinking of taking a trip in October when school is in session. So my daughter would miss a week. ...


Is Your Kid "That Kid" That Always Is Getting into Trouble at School?

M.O. asks from Chicago

I realize that every class, grade, school, etc. has "that kid" - the one who's always getting reprimanded, written up, or sent to the principal's office. How, as par...


5 1/2 Year Old - Issues at School

J.W. asks from Boston

I'm hoping some other moms may have been in a similar situation as we are and have some suggestions on how to work through it. My 5 1/2 yr old started Kindergarten t...


Trouble with a 12 Year Old and School

L.K. asks from Phoenix

I am a single mother, the father has never been in the picture, my son is now 12. We moved a few years ago away from my family and his friends because of my work. My ...


2 Year Old Boy Misbehaving at School

S.R. asks from Tampa

My son does not listen well at school and he is very aggressive with the other kids. There could be 5 cars available to play with, another child picks one up and ins...


Sunday School for a 3 Year Old

A.W. asks from Seattle

Hello - I am thinking about starting to go to church with my daughter. I have no experience with church and a child. At her age, will she actually be in a Sunday...


My 4 Year Old Won't Participate in School. Learning Difficulty? Manipulation?

B.S. asks from Miami

My 4 year old is currently enrolled in a VPK program. During the beginning of the school year His teacher would tell me that my son would notparticipate in class spec...


Helping Son Focus Better in Middle School

S.D. asks from Indianapolis

My 12 year old son has just started middle school, 7th grade in our system. As in elementary school (and kindergarten, and pre-school), his new teachers have begun c...