Disruptive: Toddler

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Holiday Scheule Disruption

E.B. asks from Duluth

My 4 1/2 yo son has started going to bed between 7 and 7:30. This summer, he had been taking three hour afternoon naps, but now that he's in School Readiness 3 days a...


Disruptive Behaviour Due to Focus

A.B. asks from Richmond

I am looking to get some real mom input on an issue we are having with our son. He is about to be a year old and daycare has let us know that they are concerned with...


School Snacks

C.D. asks from Washington DC

My son is in 3rd grade and their grade gets lunch at 1:30. They currently have no snack time set aside for these kids. On the first day of school I sent a nice note...


Daughter's School .....

M.G. asks from Seattle

I'm a bit annoyed by my daughter's school today. She is 8 years old and in the 2nd grade. The nurse called me to let me know that she said she isn't feeling well and ...


INCREDIBLY Clingy 13 Month old......HELP!

N.D. asks from Sacramento

My son is 13 months and is THE MOST mommy obsessed little boy I've ever heard of. I can't walk out of sight for ANY length of time without him throwing a complete fi...


Behavior in School

R.A. asks from Norfolk

i have an 8 yr old son who has been getting in trouble in his second grade class.He isnt staying on task,is being disruptive and doesnt listen to direction.This is ha...


Wanting to "Homeschool" My 17 Month Old.

A.B. asks from Kansas City

Hello mamas. I have a 17 month old boy who I would love to "homeschool." I have an elementary education degree, so I value early education and parental involvement....


Stepmom Goes to the School

F.M. asks from San Diego

A couple of weeks ago, my son told me that his dad's wife showed up at his school during his recess time. Apparently, she wanted to introduce herself to the teacher a...


My 20 Month Old Is Weaning Her Naps - Help!

B.G. asks from Washington DC

My daughter is 20 months old and used to go down for a nap around noon and sleep for 2 1/2 hours. She did this like clock work. Now when I put her in her crib she w...


School Behavior.

T.C. asks from Las Vegas

I have a 5 yr. old son in Kindergarten and he will not stay at his desk. He would rather go and talk to his classmates. It makes me upset. At home he can do all the t...