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Disruptive Dinners

T.C. asks from York

I have a weird situation . . . We recently started "family dinners" during the week. Previously we all ate together on the weekends (and never had any problems) but d...


"Disruptive" 2 Year Old ???

B.C. asks from Dallas

My son has been attending the same MDO program since he was 9 mths old and is now 2.5 years old and after each summer he has been moved up to a new class room and he ...


Disrupting Daughter's Schedule

R.J. asks from New York

We have a family event coming up next week on my husband's side. The event is in Brooklyn, so not even in my area. It's about an hour drive each way. In order to mak...


Dealing with Disruptive Kids as a Class Volunteer

J.F. asks from Atlanta

My son's school encourages parent involvement and classroom volunteering, which is one of the things I love about it. For the most part, the students (early elementar...


Managing Disruptive Kindergartner with Health Issues

G.B. asks from Gainesville

Hi My son will turn 6 in July. He has hypoglycemia. But he was diagnosed with the exact disorder only last year. Until then we didn't know what was wrong and he was ...


A Child in My Son's Daycare Class Is Continuously Crying and Disruptive

F.L. asks from San Francisco

A child in my son's daycare class is always crying and disruptive. I have never seen this child happy. I asked my son's teacher if this child's behavior continues t...


Bright but Disruptive 4Th Grader - Meeting on Friday -What to Ask For? (Long)

J.B. asks from Boston

Skip to the bottom if you don't like long preambles ;-) __________________________________________ Hi mamas - I've written about my second (middle) son before, who ...


Is Daylight Savings Time Disrupting You?

J.O. asks from Detroit

The kids get up way too early for school, but now with the time change, it's CRAZY early. (School starts at 8:30am). They have an insane amount of energy when they w...


Son Being Loud and Disruptive

P.R. asks from San Francisco

My 5 year old son knows what is good and what is bad. He knows what to do to be nice and what to do to bug everyone around him. Most of the time, he chooses things t...


First Week in School, Disruptive in Class, tantrums...how Do I Approach This?

M.S. asks from San Antonio

Hello my son is 5 and just finished his 1st week in school. kindergarten!! I am so proud if him...the first couple of days he was well behaved. towards the end of the...