Disrespect & Disobedience: The First Years

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My in Laws and Family Feel like They Are Entitled to Keep My Child

My DS's father is the favorite in his family and his sister, mother and other family members feel like they will babysit my son when they want to regardless if I am comfortable or not. I have let my mom and his god mom babysit but that's it. They really make me angry with their slick comments. anytime they call if I have the time I take my child to see them. I have no problem with them wanting to be in his life but they were so disrespectful during my pregnancy and after he was born I do not feel comfortable around them. I have told his...


So Who Won?

Honestly, I don't know but I am happy to have finally seen something I could...

Clothing & Makeup

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Visitation and Clothing

Do you provide all of the clothing for your child when they go to visit dad? I have in the past, but recently stopped due to things not returning, or them not even being used, etc. Her dad says it is my responsibility to do this since he pays child support. They have made her wear the same outfit 10 days in a row and then again 4 days this past weekend. My daughter said she tried to put on some clothes from her drawer there (stuff that had not been returned from before) and step-mom would not let her. She said "You need to wear the...

Hygiene Issues

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Looking for a Better Bath Tub

My son Jack is 5 weeks old and absolutely hates his bath. He screams the whole time no matter how gentle and soothing I try to be. His Primo Eurobath (which was recommeded by "Baby Bargains")is so slippery and, in reality, offers no support for a newborn. I can barely hold on to him and quickly wash him at the same time. Is there a better bath product for newborns that can make bath time a more pleasant experience for both of us?