Disrespect & Disobedience: Infant

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Disrespectful Mother in Law

So I have one of the most disrespectful controlling mother in laws in the world and this November I will be dealing with her for 5 years. AHHHH sometimes I just want to pull my hair out. I've tried listening to her concerns and asking her questions when it comes to my 3 children aged 3 1/2, 2 1/2, & 5 months to no avail. She believes just because her 3 kids are raised that she knows everything. She won't say anything to me but makes snide comments to others like "she's starving B, i wish she'd just give him formula because he's so small and...

Acting Up

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Defiant 10-Yr Old Boy

My oldest son (10) is extremely strong-willed and is becoming more and more defiant every day. The least little request is met with opposition. I tried giving him more responsibilities (small chores and such) and had to stop because the constant fighting was stressing me out. Now we fight constantly over the normal routines like bedtime and brushing teeth. Brushing teeth is the latest--he simply refuses to do it unless essentially forced. No amount of rational conversation from me (or the dentist) seems to make a difference and...

Attitude & Moods

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Boating with Infant

Hi There, wanted to know if any of you outdoorsy moms out there have had experience with taking infants on boats. My little girl (2 months) does great on the boat, but an infant sized life jacket is still way too big to function properly or be comfortable. We had the same issue with my now 2 year old son. Typically we take them in their car seat/carrier and just place it on the floor infront of the passanger side seat under the windshield. This works great for us, but I know it is technically illegal. We have been lucky and have not...


Talking Back Issues

My son recently turned 6 and has begun talking back all the time. I am not...


Is This Rude?

I'm figuring easy going people will say it's no big deal, some others will...


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Is Your Kid a Bully?

It seems like everyone thinks there kid(s) are not bullies. I know we'd all like to believe we all have raised children that would never bully another child. But, logically, clearly, some people have. Someone HAS to be the bully. How do you know for sure if your child is or is not a bully? Can we ever be sure? Catwalk--I think that qualifies him for "hero", not "bully"! And I think we all know that "assertive" does not equal "bully".

Clothing & Makeup

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Bringing Home Baby Outfit

What type of outfit did you use to bring your baby home from the hospital? Size, style, etc? Should I bring a preemie and a newborn outfit just in case? It will be winter time (I hope!) when the little one is born. Did any of you use the car seat covers in winter so you didn't have to bundle baby up so much? Thanks for the advice moms!

Hygiene Issues

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When to Give Infant a Bath Everyday?

Hi all. I have asked questions before and you were all so very helpful. I have another question to ask. When do you start giving an infant a bath everyday? My daughter is 6 months old and I give her a bath every other day. She began to get craddle cap and the doctor told me not to wash her hair every time. The soap was drying out her scalp. I'm worried that if I bathe her every day that will happen to her skin. I put lotion on after every bath. Do you think it will be ok? Thanx so much!


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I Think My 2 Year Old Is Hyperactive

my daughter is 27 months and she gets up around 6 in the morning and runs around always active throughout the day. She only stops for a nap doesnt fight about that. most of the time she is constantly on the move she doesnt stop is she too hyperactive or am i just imagining it.


Hyper 4 Year Old

My 4 year old daughter is so hyper at times and I'm starting to loose my...


Hyper Active Toddler

My son is a total handful and does not listen to me most of the time. He is...

Jealousy & Deceit

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I'm Jealous of Daddy!

I'm starting to feel jealous of my husband's relationship with our two and a half year old son. I stay home to work for my husband (which some days I resent also), so I get to keep our son home with me. All day we do what he wants when he wants, eat what he wants, drink what he wants . . . within reason, of course, there are still rules. But I feel like I give this child everything I have to offer and he prefers Daddy to me 9 times out of 10. That really hurts my feelings. And I'm starting to think about other times when it seems like...


Problems with Lying

I am having trouble with my 8 year old lying to me. It is not BIG things.....

Not Listening

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What Are Your Thoughts About the New California State Testing in Schools?

What are your thoughts about this testing--California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP)? I have a 3rd grader and I feel very mixed about this test. I'd love to hear from other people about how they feel. How will these scores be used? Will the scores "follow" each child throughout their education? Do you feel that this test is an accurate representation of how much a child is learning in school? Thanks for your answers =)

Phone & Texting

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Young Child Having a Cell Phone?

Electronic question got me thinking. My daughter is only 7, which I agree is too young for a phone. But, I was thinking about getting her one in a couple years. We do not have a home phone and she would have her own phone that she knew how to use for safety reasons. She would have all of her emergency contacts in it. It would have texting, but I know our phone company can make it to where she can only text certain people, as in emergency contacts. This would be for safety reasons for my child. I do not understand why people get so...


Cell Phone Texting

Would like to hear from mom's with 12 year olds. She's an awesome kid trying...