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What Is Your Mama Opnion on Spong Bob Square Pants

D.D. asks from Denver

My 1st grader loves to watch it, my husband and I are not always sure we like it. Can you give your comments on this cartoon?


Is Husband Being Disrespectful or Am I Too Sensitive?

B.L. asks from New York

My husband told me he is going to a friend's after work to help him with his computer. We both know his friend loves to go out to eat so I asked if he will be coming ...


Spongebob Squarepants...Do You Allow Your Kids to Watch?

C.R. asks from Kansas City

Okay, I have had the firm rule of NO Spongebob Square pants in my house, but when I tell other parents they look at me like I'm crazy! The few times I have seen this ...


Mom Looking for Good TV for My Kids

P.M. asks from Philadelphia

I am a mom of three. I have an 8 year old girl and 5 year old twin boys. I'm really frustrated with TV shows for kids. My children don't want to watch a lot of the sh...


What Should I Do???

L.A. asks from Columbus

Ok so my MIL just told my husband i am disrespectful to her she watches our children while i attend school. Not only have i NOT yelled at her but i am also not disres...


Daughters Behaivor

J.N. asks from Lancaster

My husband and I are at out wits end with our 12 yr old. Very mouthy, talks back to me daily, always has to have the last word, very disrespectful. We have tried th...


Do You See a Difference in How People React to Your Child Based on Dress?

I.X. asks from Los Angeles

Today I allowed my daughter to dress herself horribly. She is 4 and I often let her go out with ridiculous clothing combinations, but often it has a certain Punky Br...


Can I (And How Do I) Just Cut Him Out?

K.T. asks from Minneapolis

Hi mamas :) ! My question is twofold. First, the back story: My daughter (7) has a friend (9) who lives across the street from us. Said friend is the only ch...


Live with In-laws Can't Have Friends Over

L.C. asks from Portland

I think I need to clarify this one for you all a little bit. We pay rent, we help out around the house (clean do dishes and their laundry), buy food, watch their d...