Disrespect & Disobedience: Baby Einstein

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Coming When Called

C.B. asks from Kansas City

okay how do i get my son to come to me when i call him to change his diaper? i have long ago abandoned the changing table/bed idea, he is 19 1/2 months and 32 lbs - t...


Strong Minded Child

S.M. asks from Phoenix

I need HELP! I have a 15 month old little terror.She is my first child. She is sweet, affectionate, fun but STRONG WILLED. I know that she's still young and can't com...


Television Consumption

M.H. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter is 15 months and just recently started paying attention when the TV is on. I'm a SAHM and I used to have the TV on all day just for background noise, most...


Need Some Suggestions for Little Guy Bullying

B.C. asks from Joplin

Alex will be two on June 5th. He has had issues in the past with being overly aggressive and some have seen marked improvement...others are just as bad, or worse. My ...


Tips for Flying with a 10 Month Old

J.U. asks from Boca Raton

My husband and I are planning a trip with our 10 month old daughter. Our plane ride will be about 3 hours long, non stop. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to m...


A 4 Year Olds Sassy Mouth

K.H. asks from Orlando

I have a 4 year old daughter. She has been put in time out then the fun begins. She calls me and her father names. Tells me how much she doesn't like me. She wants to...