Disrespect & Disobedience: Babies 'R' Us

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Babies R Us... No Receipt No More Return Policy

Hi Ladies, Well I just had a baby boy 6 weeks ago. I received some gifts that I would like return. So today I went to Babies R Us to return the items. Almost all the items were Kola baby items (that is Babies R Us trade name) I had a monthly picture frame that just wanted to exchange being it was scratched and cracked, 2 bibs, and a overall short and shirt oufit. All of these items were Kola baby items. I also wanted to return this tub side seater thing as my bathroom is to small and the toilet is to close to tub for this thing to fit....

Clothing & Makeup

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Baptism Outfit for Boy - Does It Have to Be Traditional?

Is it really necessary for a baby boy to wear a typical baptism outfit? My 5 month old will be baptized in a couple of weeks, and the outfits I found online are upwards of $80 - $150!! I just can't imagine spending that much on an outfit he'll wear for a couple of hours. Would I be out of line to just dress him in khakis and a white button up shirt? Or should I really spend the money on a traditional baptism outfit? Does he have to be in all white or are khaki pants ok?

Hygiene Issues

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Babies R Us Coupons???

Hi Moms, Where can I find a Babies R Us coupon (an overall coupon, not just one for the travel system, stroller or crib)? I looked all over online, and can't find anything...I have the 15% one from Toys R Us, but it's only for the the above items listed.. Thanks Moms!!!!