Disposable Diapers

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Diaper Genie Is STINKY!

K.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hiya, mamas! My Diaper Genie is soooo stinky & since the baby shares our room...ewwww! I've tried: white vinegar, bleach, comet cleanser, and Gold Bond Powder (NOT AL...


Battleground During Diaper Changes

S.W. asks from Wilmington

Every diaper change has turned in to such a battle. Today my little guy had poo all over his legs and on me from kicking, squirming, tossing and turning trying to ge...


Eczema in Diaper Area

K.A. asks from Dallas

I have a 7 month old son with Eczema that scratches constantly in his diaper area at every opportunity. It is usually not red until he starts scratching there. This i...


Do Diaper Genies Work?

J.A. asks from Saginaw

I am 34 weeks pregnant and am in the process of buying baby supplies. I have heard mixed opinions on Diaper Genies. One friend says they always smell and another says...


Only 1 Wet Diaper

C.D. asks from Cincinnati

My daycare just called and said that my 4 month old hasn't had a wet diaper all day. She had a bowel movement this morning & has eaten normal. I pump for her and sh...


Squirmy for Diaper Changes

M.T. asks from Portland

We have a 16 month old that has always been a little squirmy for diaper changes. Lately he won't be still. I can work around it for pee pee diapers - we can just cha...


Help with Diaper Rash

J.D. asks from Fayetteville

i have two boys in diapers. they both react badly when i put diaper ointment on them. is it possible that it could be hurting them? i have tried several different bra...


What Is Your Favorite Diaper Brand?

M.B. asks from Grand Rapids

I have always used Pampers and now that my daughter is bigger the quantity of diapers per package has dropped. It has caused me to reconsider...are the brands that co...


Stinky Diaper Champ

T.S. asks from Grand Junction

We have been using a Diaper Champ since our 18 mo. old daughter was born and love it. For the first year of her life, we kept the Champ in her bedroom because that is...


How to Switch to No Diaper at Night?

R.H. asks from Minneapolis

Hello there, my daughter who is a 2 1/2 yo has been potty trained during the day since she has been 2. However, I can't seem to have her not wet at night. She wakes...