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My 8 Month Old Is Not Interested in Eating from the Spoon, Among Other Issues

A.B. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter has always had feeding issues. She has always had a smaller appetite. Right now, she drinks about 24 ounces in a 24 hour period, if we are lucky (she drin...


Need Help with 4 Month Old Who Will Not Eat More than 3 Ounces During a Feeding

A.B. asks from Los Angeles

First, some background: She has a calm cheerful temperment. Goes down for naps without a problem. We put her on Similac Sensitive formula (lactose-free) when she w...


Baby Formula

A.S. asks from Washington DC

I'm so confused about baby formula.My 7 week old had a problem with similac advance she would spit it up very bad. So i changed her to similac lactose free it worked ...


10 Month Old Baby Having a Hard Time Drinking Her Formula

C.L. asks from New York

My daughter is now 10 months old. I have been having a hard time giving her formula. On average she's drinking about 16oz of formula a day. Some are mixed w/ cerea...


Six Month Old Baby Boy Will Not Sleep

D.E. asks from Columbus

I have a six month old boy who was diagnosed with acid reflux when he was younger! He has been on Alimentum, a hypoallergenic formula for about four months! It's supp...


Six Month Old in 1St Percentile

N.M. asks from Bakersfield

I have a six month old baby and she is barely in the 1st percentile on the growth chart. She has barely cleared 12 pounds and it has just been an uphill battle with ...


Should I Go Back to Regular Formula After Feeding Hypoallergenic

G.M. asks from Washington DC

Anyone have experience with going back to the standard formula after being on a hypoallergenic formula for a while? My 3 month old daughter has been on Similac Alime...


5 Month Old Spitting Up

B.D. asks from Dallas

My 5 month old daughter has been having a terrible time with spitting up. I've started keeping track of how much she spits up, and she averages 7 to 9 times in betwee...


Constipation in 3 Month Old

M.S. asks from Mobile

I am looking for any suggestions to try for my constipated 3 month old son. For the past couple of weeks I have been slowly switching my son from breastmilk to formu...


5 Month Old Still Spitting up Frequently...

E.Y. asks from Columbia

My 5 month old son, Jaxon, spits up constantly! We're not talking the average spit up. It's projectile happening multiple times during feedings and in-between feedi...