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Evening Feeding Out of Control......

J.B. asks from Orlando

So I am about to lose it...My daughter Emma is almost 2 months old, we have started maintaining a routine for a couple of weeks now. However she is about to drive me...


Does Anyone Have a Baby with Acid Reflux?

T.P. asks from Salinas

I've been on this site several times searching for answers to my baby's fussiness and gas and recently my baby was diagnosed with acid reflux. It is horrible. My baby...


Should I Give Prevacid or Zantac to My 5 Mos. Old Baby with Reflux?

O.G. asks from New York

My 5 month old baby girl was diagnosed with reflux several weeks after her birth. Her pediatrician prescribed 15 mg of prevacid a day. I have noticed improvement wi...


Experience W/ Colic Calm Gripe Water ? Prevacid/Zantac Not Working

G.M. asks from Washington DC

My baby is 5 weeks old and was diagnosed a week ago with reflux (GER) which she's had probably since she was about 3-3.5 weeks old. She cries nonstop all day basical...


Six Month Old Baby Boy Will Not Sleep

D.E. asks from Columbus

I have a six month old boy who was diagnosed with acid reflux when he was younger! He has been on Alimentum, a hypoallergenic formula for about four months! It's supp...


Acid Reflux

K.S. asks from Philadelphia

My 7 month old daughter was diagnosed with acid reflux last week. Her symptoms are difficulty swallowing breastmilk and formula at times, coughing alot and gagging w...


Is It Normal for My Baby to Have Diaper Rash When Taking Antibiotics?

H.B. asks from Dallas

My 9 month old daughter started taking antibiotics for a sinus infection yesterday. This morning she woke up with major diaper rash. She has never had it before; sh...


Need Help with a 6 Week Old with Reflux

L.R. asks from New York

Please Help! I have a 6 week old girl who is suffering from reflux. She has been on 4 different formulas and we're changing the formula again today. She is never c...


HELP! 11 Week Old Choking

J.S. asks from Grand Rapids

I have a 11 week old that i have been breast feeding. Well since she started sleeping through the night my milk supply has decreased greatly. I have been giving her...


Acid Reflux

K.E. asks from Houston

I have a 4 month old, Eli, he throws after every feeding. It does not matter how much, how little, burping, formula, sitting still for awhile, laying flat, setting up...