Dishes & Utensils: First Years

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Using a Spoon

S. asks from Nashville

At what age do children begin using a spoon instead of their hands?


Feeding Device/utensil

J.C. asks from Amarillo

I hope you guys can help me.....Has anyone ever heard of a dipper? It is a feeding device or utensil. I have been told about it, recently. It is not a spoon. It has ...


Need Advice About Breast Feeding

A. asks from Dallas

I have a 2 1/2 month old daughter that I've been breastfeeding since birth. I'm going on a trip for 10 days and was planning on just having her bottle fed for the 10...


Last Feeding Confusion

M.T. asks from Boston

My son is now 17 weeks old. He is 100% breast-fed (some from a bottle, and some from me). Here is is general schedule: 5 or 6 a.m. breastfed 10 a.m. - 4 to 6 oz ...


High Chairs and Feeding Supplies

K.H. asks from Chicago

My 5 month old will be starting solids soon. Does anyone have any comments/suggestions on an adjustable high chair or feeding supplies (sippy cups, squeeze spoons, b...


Bottle Feeding in Conjunction with Breastfeeding

H.S. asks from Philadelphia

I have a four wk old baby girl and in two weeks I have to go back to work. I am trying to get her to take a bottle so that the nanny can feed her. I have tried variou...


Baby Won't Take the Bottle from Dad

E.G. asks from San Francisco

Hello Mamas! I am going on my second week back to work from maternity leave. My 4 month old baby boy, who has pretty much been exclusively breast fed, will not take ...


Bottle Feeding

S.N. asks from Detroit

My 7 month old daughter will not take a bottle! I am forced to return to work for financial reason however weening my daughter from the breast isn't going over very ...


How to Introduce a Bottle to a Breastfeeding Baby?

M.O. asks from Albuquerque

Hi mommies. I'm really hoping you can help me out. We're completely out of ideas, and have no clue what we're doing wrong. My baby is 5.5 months old now and absolutel...


What to Do When Baby Refuses a Bottle

T.F. asks from Kalamazoo

Hello ladies, you have been so helpful to me before, I wanted to ask this quesiton for a friend of mine who isn't on Mamapedia. She has a new little girl, who did oc...