Dish Washer: Princess

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Regular Dish Soap in Dish Washer?

G.R. asks from San Diego

I have some princess house crystal that has been in my garage forever. Not dirty with food but just dusty with cardboard dust. Some of it isn't dishwasher safe. I am ...


Help Me Become a Better Time Miser

C.M. asks from York

I was not sure what category to place this under, but I need some help. I have a 6, almost 7 year old princess; and a 2 and 1/2 year old train conductor. My house i...


Washing Windows

K.M. asks from Austin

Hello, This is a little embarrasing, but does anyone know of a good product/ homemade solution for washing windows? We have recently moved to a house and this is goi...


sChores For a 13 Year Old

D.B. asks from Minneapolis

What chores do you assign to your teenager? We had tried laundry, but I had to yank it after losing half my work and bra wardrobe to a job poorly done. Also, what c...


Tricky Ice Cream Stain

N.M. asks from Dallas

On New Year's Eve my grandpa shared his chocolate ice cream with my daughter, which spilled down the front of her favorite shirt. I can't get mad, I thought it was r...


Childhood Independence

C.M. asks from Gainesville

At what age should kids start to do things for themselves? I spent Thanksgiving with my overly helpful family, and they all (my mother and Grandparents) seem to think...


Chores/Allowance/Discipline Ideas

M.G. asks from Denver

** I appreciate everyone's responses so far- just to be clear too, her dad and I do have 50/50 parenting and he and his wife work from home so she has lots of persona...


Dinner Menu for a Fairy-Themed Birthday Party?

T.H. asks from Boston

Happy Monday, Mamas! I'm in the midst of planning my daughter's 5th birthday party, and I'm at a loss with what to serve for dinner. I have lots of ideas for the cak...


Help! Cod Liver Oil Smell in Clothes...

J.Y. asks from Portland

Anyone know how to get out the smell of Cod Liver Oil in cothes? I tried to give my 9 mth Cod Liver Oil unsuccessfully and he spit it out on his clothes. I washed a f...


Melted Crayons in Wash!

A.A. asks from New York

Okay, I accidently washed a load of laundry and didn't think to look inside my son's bathing suit pocket. Unfortunatley there were blue and green crayons in his pocke...