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Help! My 10 Year Old Daughter.

J.Y. asks from Charlotte

I have a beautiful 10 year old daughter. She has so many clothes and they are all very fashionable but I swear, every morning she comes down looking like a nut case....


6 Year Old Daughter Wants to Wear Her Hair the Way She Wants

M.S. asks from Washington DC

This probably seems trivial but I am looking at the whole picture ahead and want to get some advice now. My daughter has decided she no longer wants to wear headbands...


Clothing- How Do U Estimate Future Size??

S.E. asks from New York

is there any way to estimate what size clothing your little one will be in x-months from now. Every time i go in babies r us they put the neext seasons clothes out s...


How Much Do You Spend on Kids Clothing per Month or Season?

M.W. asks from Washington DC

Wondering what the average amount per month other moms spend on clothing per child per month?? My little girl is only 2 so clothing for her is still relatively cheap,...


Where Do You Shop for Kids Clothes?

J.L. asks from Pittsburgh

I tried to go clothes shopping today for my kids (daughter is 4, son is 2) and left so frustrated! I went to Kohl's because I had a coupon and they usually have great...


Chores/Allowance For a 6-Year-Old

L.M. asks from Pittsburgh

I know I've already seen great answers here somewhere/sometime on Mamasource about what chores you could have your kids do, but I can't seem to find those threads now...


8 Year Old Daughter Being Bossy and Constant Power Struggles

M.D. asks from Washington DC

Dear moms, HELP! I do not know how to approach this: my almost 8 year old is giving me a fit with her constant power struggles. Granted she is pretty smart, and this...


Does Anyone Know of Any Places to Get Good Quality Second Hand Kid's Clothing?

D.Q. asks from Chicago

I am looking for places to get good quality second hand kid's clothing. Does anyone have any good suggestions on where to look for this?


How Much Do You Spend on Clothing for Your Kids Each Year?

L.M. asks from Denver

I'm just wondering what you spend on clothing for your kids each year? I have a 4 year old boy and 7 year old girl who seem to outgrow most of their clothing every ye...


Hand-me-downs Vs. New Clothes for School

H.P. asks from Springfield

I want to run something by you moms... about hand-me-down clothing for kids. I have a source that gives me tubs full of quality clothing in excellent condition (most ...