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...clothes Shopping

J.L. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas, I wrote a post a few weeks back about a budget on clothes shopping...I so appreciated all the responses as there were many and several different takes on...


Plus Sized Girls' Clothing

D.R. asks from New York

My almost 5y.o. daughter is tall and heavy for her age. In addition, she is showing signs of precocious puberty causing her hips to be wider than most girls her age (...


Don't You Just Love a bargain......or Is It a Bargain?

✿.R. asks from Boston

That's my question but my post is really just make you guys laugh. I'm sure you feel my pain here. I was poking around Big Lots the other day and saw these brown pl...


Plus Size Clothing

S.P. asks from Phoenix

Hi everyone, I was a Lane Bryant devotee for a long time, but the jeans won't work for me anymore. The new cuts and "right fit" styles don't fit me the way the old "...


Consignment Store for Maternity Clothes

C.P. asks from Dallas

I have loads of maternity clothes (mostly from Motherhood) that I'd like to consign or sell - does anyone know of a place in the Frisco/Plano area that takes maternit...



R.D. asks from San Francisco

I need some advice on how to lose my baby fat after a c-section. Lately I haven't had the motivation. After dealing with my 13-month old son I'm tired and burnt out. ...


Selling Clothes Consignment

M.N. asks from Chicago

I am preparing to sell my daughter's clothes and would like to take them to a consignment shop. I have never done this and wondered if there are any tips you can sug...


Looking for Some Great Kids Clothing Consignment Shops

M.D. asks from Seattle

I have a new baby, and as much as I'd love to spend a bunch of money on new clothes for her, I just can't see the point since she grows out of them so quickly. I hear...


How to Get Crayon Out of Clothes

J.R. asks from Texarkana

Does anyone know an effective way to get crayons out of clothing? My daughter had 3 crayons in her pocket, and I washed and dried a load of clothes with the crayons....


Where Is the Best Place to Sell Used Kid's Clothing?

S.S. asks from Chicago

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for selling some used kid's clothing. Some are never worn and all are in good shape with no signs of wear. I am not ter...