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Baby Clothing

L.M. asks from Fort Myers

My girlfriend gave me a lot of clothes to go through but most of them are sizes 0-3 months and 6-9 months. How many do I need in each size, since babies grow so fast?...


Baby Clothes.

A.K. asks from Bloomington

Are there not neutral infant clothes, anymore? What is a person to do , that is waiting to find out the sex of their baby? Honestly, I'm fine waiting to buy the bu...


What to Do with Baby Clothes...

B.W. asks from Chicago

I have a ton (a TON!) of boy baby clothes newborn/0-3 months, and 3-6 months (and pretty soon 6-9 months too). I'm not interested in going through the hassle of selli...


What to Do with Stained Clothing

A.B. asks from Portland

Hello, I am wondering what I should do with my kids' outgrown clothes that are stained? Does Goodwill take stained clothing? These are things that are in perfectly...


How Much Clothing Should We Have??

B.L. asks from Oklahoma City

How much clothing do your kids have? We have 2 princesses...1 & 5, and a house OVERFLOWING with toys & clothes (I've already done garage sales and charity giveaways ...


Shelter to Donate Baby Clothes

J.C. asks from Chicago

I would like to donate my old baby clothes to a shelter where I know the clothes are needed. I don't want to give these to a Salvation Army, Marklund or Purple Heart...


Maternity Clothes

C.C. asks from Tampa

I live in Temple Terrace and am looking for consignment shops that have maternity clothes. I've gotten lots of stuff for the baby at Comfy Kids but so far haven't bee...


Sahm Frustrated with Clothing

B.R. asks from Utica

i am looking for an affordable way to spice up my wardrobe. i want casual clothing, yet up to date. I feel like i have been clothes shopping for my kids for the last6...


...clothes Shopping

J.L. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas, I wrote a post a few weeks back about a budget on clothes shopping...I so appreciated all the responses as there were many and several different takes on...


Plus Size Clothing

S.P. asks from Phoenix

Hi everyone, I was a Lane Bryant devotee for a long time, but the jeans won't work for me anymore. The new cuts and "right fit" styles don't fit me the way the old "...