Discipline: The First Years

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How to Discipline a Baby/toddler?

Hello all- I am really wanting some advice on disciplining an one & a half year old. She is definitely in her terrible twos early on & I always try to make the excuse for her that she's "still a baby" but lately it seems that she definitely knows that when we tell her no and mean it she is quick to throw herself on the floor and bang her head on purpose. Not to mention the very loud screaming/crying pretty much all day long because we do tell her no alot due to her wanting to get into things she shouldn't be. We have two other kids...


Above Ground Pools

hey my hubby wants to get a small above ground pool nothing major i found...


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Sleeping with Me

How do I break my daughter from sleepinh in the bed with me? She is six years old and I have tried to give her rewards for sleeping in her own bed but that will only work for about a week and then she does not care anymore about a rewards just sleeping with me. Any suggestions please!!!


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4 Year Olds!!

My son is 4 and I feel like he is becoming a totally different person. His personality is not so sweet all the time anymore. He talks back more, does not listen and is starting to say hurtful things to people. (many times I don't think he even knows what he is saying). I am not saying that my son is a monster, 95% of the time he is fine, but I was wondering if this is part of growing up and testing boundaries? I am thinking I need a different discipline plan than we use now. Like grounding him or taking away toys, tv, etc. Am I the...


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Help I Think My Daughter Is Stealing from Me

I have a 10 year old daughter who is in love with webkinz. All her money goes towards buying them. My husband and I have noticed lately that she has more money than she should, so we started paying more attention and believe she is stealing money from us. When we ask her where the money comes from she makes excuses, saying she has saved it, but she has never been a saver. She spends her money as soon as she gets it. She will also say she found the money. So we have explained to her that any money she finds does not belong to her and that if...