Discipline: Simplicity

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Help with After School Discipline

I have 5 children 3 of which are in full day school. They are 6,8,9. For the past three weeks or so they have not been coming directly home from school. I have sat down with each of themand talked to them about why i need them to come home after school. It has had no effect. I have even took thier favorite toy away with no effect. This last thurs. I was out until 5:30 looking for them. Iwas finally able to find them when they showed up at thier friends house (of which i had spoken with only a few min. prior). I took all stereos away and...


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Mom Seeking Suggestions on Daughter's Hair

Ladies, I would like to tap into the minds of women who have bi-racial children. My daughter’s hair is a handful, literally and figuratively speaking. I get so frustrated because her hair tangles so easily. I feel like I'm combing her hair 30-40 minutes daily which just seems like too much time out of my day (maybe I'm being selfish). My daughter’s hair isn't really thick but it is fairly thick, however, it's very curly. Does anyone know of a product or products I can apply to her hair that will tame the frizz (even better get...