Discipline: Puppets

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Creative Discipline for a 3-Year-old?

My 3 year old daughter recently started hitting out of frustration like she did at 18 months old. Only now that she's older, it's generally combined with words like, "stupid" and "poopy pants" and other mean words. She is not taking me seriously when I discipline her and will actually laugh at me. Does anyone have any creative discipline methods other than time outs since they don't work with her? I would really appreciate some help since I am at my wits end and don't feel like an effective parent.


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Stubborn Potty Trainer

I have a 3 year old daughter who will be 4 in July and she is not wanting to use the potty. She knows what to do but still has no interest in the potty. I have tried rewards, clapping and celebrating, stickers, promising a special trip, even gone so far as to say she will not have a birthday party until she goes to the potty. Any help for a stubborn child would be nice. I have a 10 year boy and he trained easily. By the way, she is very smart and perceptive. She understands everything quickly.


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Discipline During Church

I have a 19 month old feisty little girl who thinks its sooo much fun to yell during church. My problem is that I need to teach when it is and isnt appropriate to be loud during church. We have a smaller church with no nursery. We also attend a pentecostal church (which can be very loud) So Im trying to teach her that during worship service and at times during the preaching its ok to yell out (when we do bc I cant expect her to be quiet when were yelling)but even then she will yell out and say "amen" or "yes" so she knows the difference...


Looking for a Park

Im looking for a park around mesa/gilbert area that would have a duck or...