Discipline: Elmo

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I'm Curious as to How Others Discipline Their Young Children...

I'm a Mom of a 2.5 year old little boy (and a 4.5 month old). I've been observing my friends/family with children at similar ages and I've noticed different methods of discipline that are used (and the lack of it in some cases). Our son is pretty well behaved, but very active and stubborn - as most 2.5 y/o's are. I was wondering how other parents handle things in their home if you all don't mind sharing: 1) Do you use time-outs? If so, what constitutes a "time-out"? Hitting, back-talk, whining, throwing things, jumping on the...


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Bribery and When to Use Training Pants

Hello Mamas! I have a 2.5+ yo daughter who we have been trying to potty train for about two months now. sometimes she sits on the potty sometimes she doesn't. We never force her to however. Most of the time (90%) she will pee when she sits on the potty. She has never pooped on the potty. We need to have her potty trained by august to start school. My question is two fold. 1) Do you recommend bribery? For instance a friend of mine used one M&M each time her child went pee on the potty and this seemed to go quite well for her...