Discipline: Albuterol

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22 Month on Albuterol for More than 2 Weeks

My son was hospitalized over 2 weeks ago for his breathing issues. When he got out we went about a week and a half with albuterol treatment about twice a day. When I was certain his breathing was back to normal I stopped the treatment. The very next day he is sick again and I noticed really fast breathing timed his breathing and he was over 40 breaths per minute, did a breathing treatment and called the pediatrician in the morning. He added a month steroid given through the nebulous or and children's Allegra and said continue with the...


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Help with Taking Asthma Meds..

Hello my 3 year old son was just diagnosed with Asthma. I am suppose to give him albuterol through a chamber when needed. My problem is he will not put the chamber to his face. I usually have to hold him down kicking and screaming. I have tried bribes and rewards if he did it with out any fuss but nothing has worked. Can you give me advise on how to make him cofortable with the chamber and albuterol so I don't have to force him to take it. I also wanted to ask if you could advise on potty training. My son will do a no.1 but will not do...


Toddler Vs. Inhaler

I took my then 15m/0 dtr. to the MD in the spring b/c she seemed to have a...