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Losing Weight After Having a Baby.

It has been 4mo. since I had my baby and I still could stand to lose some weight. This is my second child and I never really got back to my pre-pregnancy weight with my first either, but it seems that this extra fat around my stomach will not go away. I have tried to watch what I eat, still nursing at the moment. I have tried walking, but sometimes can not find the time. I have researched acai berry, saw it on Rachel Ray show, suppose to help you lose excess weight, but does it really work? I have looked into post pregnancy wraps to help...


Solid Food Dilemma

I have a 6 month old son who was born prematurely. He is doing wonderfully...


Infant with Gas

My 2 month old son has been suffering from long periods of excessive gas-...

Bowel Movements

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Breastfed 4 Month Old Not Gaining Weight and Not Having Bowel Movements

Well, yeterday we went to the doctor for my 4 month old's shots. He has only gained a little over a pound in about 2 months. He hasnt grown much in length either. He is in the 5th percentile now. He was in the 15th at first, then 10th, and now 5th. The doctor is concerned because he keeps dropping on the charts. He is going to run some blood tests in 2 weeks to check his thyroid, etc. Also my son has always had at least 3 bowel movements a day until about 2 weeks ago. The first time he didnt go, it was for 3 days. But when he went, it was...


Weight Loss HELP

I'm just curious.....I'm at my wits end with my weight....I have done...


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Anyone on Weight Watchers?

Our son went away to summer camp and gained new skills, and I gained 10 lbs! Anyone done Weight Watchers? Thanks!