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When to Start Cereal for Infant

J.S. asks from Davenport

Hi moms - I was just wondering what age is to early to start feeding cereal to a baby. I am asking for another mom - I started feeding my oldest cereal at 3 months a...


Questioning Doctor's Recommendations for Infant

M.N. asks from Lansing

I am having serious concerns over my 5 week old nephew's doctor. At 2 wks. his mother was told to put sugar in his formula to help relieve constipation. Last week, ...


Mylicon Use

N.D. asks from Los Angeles

Has anyone used mylicon for gas relief in their infant? My son is one month old and suffers from bad gas. He doens't cry from it but does fuss a lot. I'm looking f...


4 Week Old with Constipation

K.E. asks from Corvallis

My friend has a 4 week old boy, he had jaundice when born and spent a week on a bili-blanket and is just fine now. But now he has another problem, he seems to be con...


Seeking Pediatrician for Twins

N.M. asks from Chicago

My husband and I are searching for a pediatrician for our twins. We live in Naperville and would like a practice nearby. We are delivering at Edward's and therefore...


Karo Syrup in Every Bottle???

V.B. asks from Florence

My oldest step-daughter is a 20 year old single mother. She just recently moved back in with us. The baby just turned 3 months old. The first time she left us alone w...


8-Month Old with Constipation

R.H. asks from St. Louis

I have an 8-month old who is slowly making the transition to table foods. The past few days he has been painfully constipated. He doesn't take juice very well even ...


Cry It Out?

H.S. asks from Saginaw

My newest little one is almost 2 months old, and while I love snuggling with him, he is making it impossible to get anything done lately. He normally is good at napp...


Sleeping Issues

S.G. asks from Portland

I have a 2 year old boy and for some reason he wakes up at night screaming and kicking he does this 4 to 5 times a night and goes in spurts screams kicks cry's then f...


Losing Weight After Having a Baby.

L.N. asks from Dallas

It has been 4mo. since I had my baby and I still could stand to lose some weight. This is my second child and I never really got back to my pre-pregnancy weight with ...