Digestion: Pedialyte

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Help with Digestion Issues

A.M. asks from Lakeland

Hi Moms, I need some help for my little boy. For the past two weeks he has had a cold/infection (stuffy nose, cough, etc). It runs for a couple of days, gets better...


Infant Constipation

S.M. asks from Greensboro

I have a 15 week old precious daughter who seems to me to be constipated. I nurse her only once in the morning and pump breastmilk and feed her a bottle during the d...


When Is It Okay to Give a Infant Water?

C.S. asks from Denver

My son is 12 days old. He gets the hiccups very frequently, am not sure if it is okay to give a baby water. I have read online that you should not give a baby water...


20-Month Old Sick & Won't Drink Much

L.C. asks from Sacramento

My 20-month old twins started their flu on Saturday night. As of last night, my son was still vomiting. I have been giving him Pedialyte...which he refuses to drink...


Almost 2Yr Old with Bad Diaper Rash!

C.M. asks from Fort Myers

I need help. My daughter is almost 2 and she had lose poopies for about a day and a half, she still have lose poopie but the worst diaper rash I have ever seen. I cha...


2 1/2 Year Old with Severe Constipation

S.M. asks from Detroit

I have a 2 1/2 year old granddaughter who since she was 10 months old has had great difficulty having a bowel movement. She only goes 1 to 2 times per week on a good ...


3 Year Old Son Sick with Stomach Virus

A.S. asks from Washington DC

Good Afternoon. I have never posted before, but am looking forward to hearing from you. Our son, 3 years old, has been vomiting since yesterday morning. He also ha...


My 9Mnth Old Son Is Sick, Need Advice Please

G.H. asks from Phoenix

My son has 2 ear infections, he has been taking omoxicillan for 24hrs. He has diahrea (I heard from the antibiotics).... but today, he lost his appetite, he has vomi...


Advice for Giving Medicine to Infants

M.P. asks from Peoria

I have a five month old little girl who got really sick last night with a fever. She will NOT take any Tylonol or any other medicine. I've tried pouring it down her...



L.J. asks from Austin

My son has had diarrhea for about a week now and it's causing a rash, I have stopped giving him juice hoping it would subside but it hasn't any ideas on home remedie...