Digestion: Maalox

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Giving Infant a Solutab

Hello! I have a 2 part question. 1) My 5 week old has been diagnosed with GERD. She was put on Zantac which didn't work and then switched to Prevacet. The Prevacet is a solutab (tablet that dissolves into granules). I was told to dissolve the tablet in a very small amout of water and then give her the pill with a syringe dropper. My problem is that the medicine is hard to dispense that way and most of it ends up running down her chin or stuck in the dropper. Have any other mothers had to give their infant a solutab and what method...


Infant with Reflux

I have a almost 5 month old baby boy with reflux. He was born 13 weeks early...

Acid Reflux & GERD

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Signs of Acid Reflux?????

My son just turned one month today. I think he may have some signs of acid reflux, but I'm not sure...we just changed his formula to Nutramigen. Does anyone have any experience with this? What are some signs I should look for? Any help would be appreciated! :)


Bowel Movements

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Frequent Bowel Movements

I have an 8 month old baby girl who has had frequent, non-diarrhea bowel movements for a little over a week. She is breast fed and started solids approx 2 months ago. It seems completely unrelated to the start of a new food, I have not changed my diet either. She is having 5-6 a day. I talked to pedi about it and she isn't concerned unless watery. She is getting intermittently red now despite diligent diaper changes with Aquaphor. Any suggestions or feedback? Thanks!


Severe Diaper Rash

Hi everyone. I have a problem. My son, who is 2 1/2 came home with this...


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Frequent/almost Constant Burping

My son has been burping frequently on and off for about 2 weeks now. It will get better for a little while, and then pop up again. He will start burping almost constantly for a few hours, and then infrequently for awhile. He doesn't seem to be in any discomfort and has no either digestive issues. I've tried Gas-X, Maalox, Pepto-Bismol and TUMS, but nothing seems to work. His doctor couldn't figure it out either. I have also been giving him yogurt and cranberry juice (which is what I use if I have digestive issues), but tht hasn't helped yet...


Acid Reflux and Gas

Hello! My six week daughter is not only suffering from acid reflux but...


Night Time Gas Pains

I breastfeed and every night around 7 or 8 my 1 month old just starts crying...


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4 1/2 Month Old Has Been Constipated Since Birth, Tried Just About Everything!

My son has had trouble w/ bowel movements since birth. I've been supplementing with formula since his first week (since my milk never fully came in). On his pediatrician's advice, we've tried milk-based formula, soy, apple juice, pear juice, milk of magnesium, nothing seems to help! Since we changed to soy last week, (again, on the Ped's advice) he's going more frequently, but his BM's are more painful now and even causing a little bleeding. He did really well on Good Start Natural Cultures for a while, then he started getting really...


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Causes of Diarrhea

My son just turned one this month. He's awesome, walking and chatting away. However, we are going on 4 days of diarrhea. My poor kid. It started Saturday and shows no signs of letting up. I called his Ped. but since he does not have a fever, is not vomiting, and still has an appatite they said there is really nothing they can do it just has to run it coarse. I don't know what's causing it. Maybe he picked up a bacteria, maybe he's got some back teeth coming in, I dont' know. I've got him on a very bland diet and keeping him hydrated...

Gag Reflex

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Coughing and Gaging

When my daughter was born, we were told in the hospital that she had an overactive gag reflex. I have had the same problem all of my life and her pediatrician has said that it was nothing to worry about. My daughter is now 2 months old, and she fusses and coughs during every bottle. This has just started in the last 2 weeks. It seems to have gotten worse over the past couple of days. My daughter has always been good about taking her bottle, but now she leaves at least 2 ounces. Last night it seemed like she had something hung in her...

Gas & Gas Drops

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Acid Reflux and Gas

Hello! My six week daughter is not only suffering from acid reflux but really bad gas as well. Her pediatrician has prescribed her Pepcid twice daily and Mylanta four times daily until the Pepcid kicks in (about a week). Unfortunately, she has had a lot of gas the past week (which is sometimes foul-smelling). She used to latch on well during nursing but constantly unlatches due to gas or maybe even the acid... I don't know. Either way, it doesn't help her gassiness. I have heard that diet can cause gassines so I have been in the...


Night Time Gas Pains

I breastfeed and every night around 7 or 8 my 1 month old just starts crying...

Heart Burn

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Heartburn While Pregnant

Hi Mom's -- I am pregnant and experiencing heartburn really badly (especially at night) -- At times, its so uncomfortable I can't sleep. Anyone have any safe natural solutions to keep this at bay. Thanks, K.


Nausea & Heartburn

I had nausea and heartburn all last week. My heartburn was all in the mid...

Spitting Up

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Newborn Spitting up Problems

I have a 3 month old son who is still spitting up A LOT! We have tried all of the formulas for infants who spit up and nothing seems to be working. He is also very fussy between feedings. We have checked with his pediatrician and she thinks it is probably just acid reflux. Has anyone else been through this and have suggestions? I'm getting desperate.


8 Month Old Spit Up

Has anyone else had a baby with a milk allergy? This is totally based off of...


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Suggestions for Terrible Diaper Rash

Help! My 12 mo. old son has a TERRIBLE case of diaper rash, and has for several weeks now. I have tried Boudreux's Butt Paste, Triple Paste, Flanders Buttocks Ointment, Desitin, Bag Balm, letting him go without a diaper to air dry, giving him Benedryl, changing his diaper hourly, and a mixture of diaper rash cream and Liquid Maalox (the pediatrian's suggestion). Nothing has worked. His little behind is all red welts (some of them bleeding), and it has even spread to his penis and testicles. He is supposed to have surgery on his penis in a...


Where Is My Pee?

So I had stomach flu Tuesday-Wednesday. Starting Wednesday night I was re...


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Vomiting with Strep

I posted a question about 3 weeks ago now about my child having strep. Well 2 weeks later she ended up with Strep again. The first sign was vomiting. She didn't vomit when she had it two weeks ago but this time she vomits everyday. Its usually at night after she has gone to bed, she wakes and vomits in her crib. She has been vomiting every day, usually once for 6 days now. Can anyone else out there tell me if their child vomited that long after being put on an antibiotic? One more thing, she saw the pediatrician Saturday and was put...


Hand Foot and Mouth

My son was just diagnosed with Hand Foot and Mouth and I am reaching out to...