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Doesn't Really Drink More Then 5 Oz @ a Time and Doesn't Want to Sleep Alone.

So my little one is now 2 1/2 months and is eating quite a bit but he drinks 3 to 5 oz at a time. He's eating like every 2 hrs. I am bottle feeding so to my understanding he shouldn't be eating so little bit at a time and so frequent. He doesn't stay asleep to long and when he hears my voice he all he wants is my arms. My husband is at home right now taking care of our kids and he says that both of them r fine ALL day but once they hear my voice they both act up. I also need to know if anyone has advice to get JJ (newborn) to sllep by him...

Acid Reflux & GERD

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Constant crying..and Acid Reflux

My g/f and i just had a beautiful baby girl..she is 3 weeks today..Doctor told us she has acid reflux and put her on zantac..she still spits up and sometimes its alot. we do the 20 min up right thing too.. but tonight she started to cry and was inconsolable unless she had a bottle in her mouth and as soon as she was finished or once she woke up it started again...she doesnt poo but once every couple of days and nothing we do seems to help her.. shes ok right now laying on mommies chest but im worried that it going to continue when she wakes...


Is It Reflux

I hVe a 3 wk old who had milk allergy so now on alimentum. Still seems like...



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Britax FRONTIER 85 or Graco Nautilus ??

Hi moms, I just recently read a recall on my daughters carseat and apparently she isn't tall enough or weighs enough for her actual carseat. She is exactly 41 lbs and 37 inches tall. I have her in a Self secured Booster Seat with the seatbelt not harness. I am wanting to put her back into a 5 point harness after talking to my pediatrician and a few others moms they say its the best thing. So i WANTED to get you fellow mama's advice. Which one do you prefer and why? Is the Graco one good for 4 year old? Or will she out grow it soon...


Car Seat vs Booster

My 4 1/2 year old son threw up in the car yesterday. I tried cleaning out...