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Poop on Diaper Covers? What Am I Doing Wrong?

What am I doing wrong? Every time 3 month old poops, it gets on the sides of the diaper covers (or more) and I have to wash the covers. I don't think we have ever survived a poop sans cleaning. I use a diaper service and get the infant 3-fold. I fold 'em up and stick them in the cover. I tried using snappies, didn't help and snappies seemed to get the covers wet (just folding and laying does seem to avoid wetness). Is this just a something that goes with the territory? Related -- How best to get poop out of diaper covers? Including wool


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How Many Diaper Covers Do I Need?

I am trying to figure out how many and of which kind of diaper covers I need to order for cloth diapers???!!!I will be using ABC Diaper Service, but they only offer 1 type of cover, unlike Tiny Tots who has multiple types. What should I do and how many should I order? Is there another website to order good diaper covers from?


Where Is My Pee?

So I had stomach flu Tuesday-Wednesday. Starting Wednesday night I was re...