Diarrhea: Steroids

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Anyone Else Encounter Normal Diarrhea in a 3-Yr-old for Weeks on End?

Hi Ladies, I am hoping to gain any helpful info for a friend whose daughter has had full-out diarrhea several times/day for the past 3-4 weeks. She has taken her to the pediatrician once and they said the daughter, Anna, is healthy and fine. She eats normal, sleeps pretty normal, is a happy child, but has had awful diarrhea now for almost 4 weeks. Has anybody seen or heard of this before? Is it normal? Any recommendations or insight would be greatly appreciated!

Staying Hydrated

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Anyone's Else's Child(ren( Been Sick Alot Lately with Vomiting And\or Diarrhea?

Hi, about a month ago, my daughter came down with a really bad case of diarrhea that lasted for almost a week. She had no other symptoms, no fever, vomiting, etc. About 1/2 of the kids in her day care class were sick at the same time, most with vomiting, also, although my daughter only had diarrhea. A few of the other moms and myself think they all had either that rotovirus or noro virus. Anyway, she was fine for about 3 weeks and then this past Tuesday night she started vomiting about midnight until 4:00 am. She did not vomit at all...