Diarrhea: Nystatin

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Nystatin & Diarrhea

We seem to be in a downward spiral of maladies! Three weeks ago, my 6 mo.-old was diagnosed with Thrush. (Which in itself is weird since he's on the older side for Thrush, and I'm no longer nursing.) We were given Nystatin, and after now our third round it has proven to be ineffective. During all of this, he also developed diarrhea, and subsequently a HORRIBLE diaper rash that we're finding hard to battle. Several of you have suggested Gentian Violet, and I've heard it's messy. I'm OK with his mouth being blue/purple for a few days. But is...


Diarrhea - What to Do

Hi- My daughter is 10 months old and has diarrhea ever since we were at the...


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I Have Been Using Nystatin for a Horrible Diaper Rash

Has anyone had any problems with the Nystatin? The dr said to use it 2-3 times a day. She has blister like red blemishes near her private. It's right along the diaper line. I am pretty sure that it's not the diapers since we have used them since she was born. I use the pampers. The Nystatin is the only thing that I can think of...


Son with Diarrhea

My son is 7 months old and is having his first bout with diarrhea. He's...

BRAT diet

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9 Mo Son Has a Yeast Infction

i had taken my son to the dr due to a bad diaper rash all over his pubic area...dr says that from all the diarea (SP) that my son had devloped a yeast infection and gave us a script for nystatin which i am using..has anybody used or knows any home remedys that i can use between his med? i am still dealing with the rash and it's slowly getting better but still has diareah...even with the brat diet..so tons of pedialight..and some solids..and advice would be a huge help...

Staying Hydrated

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Diaper Rash with Diarrhea

My 13 month old daughter has her 1st diaper rash, which is bright red and seems to have small opening in her skin. It is mostly on the buttock area right below her genitals. It started 3 days ago along with Diarrhea (also her 1st time having diarrhea). I think it is starting to hurt her because about 50% of the time when I am wiping her she starts crying and screaming. I am using Desitine and almost through a new tube in the last 3 days. I am putting it on really thick and covering the entire red area. I am also letting her skin air...


Diarrhea - What to Do

Hi- My daughter is 10 months old and has diarrhea ever since we were at the...